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Pop-Ups, Missions, & Fundraising

Are you a member of PCS&M?

Want to support our endeavor to create meaningful experiences for spiritual growth and healing? 

GOOD NEWS! We will be accepting donations for safe passage to and from the Tweeter Center as Rev J and family have season passes and hope to fill the bus each concert with congregates to raise the vibration by dancing!

Have other ideas about how we can use the Bliss Bus high-vibe missions? 

 Whether cleaning up a park, or bringing members out on community drives, we want to hear from you!

The Bliss Bus is an extension of our home just like our lifestyle club. Let us bring the vibe to you:  Expect an unforgettable experience with the highest hospitality and safety standards.

Customized Paint Parties
Tarot Card Events
Sound Healing
Henna Tattoo

Beach Trips

Create a fully customized paint party for you

and your friends!

Let's bring some bliss to your private party, wedding or fundraiser. We have our solar panels to set up comfortably at your home or we can host your event in our chapel, The Bliss Bus brings the artist, supplies, healers, movers and shakers! 

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